omroep gld


Omroep GLD verbindt je

Identity development and design for a regional broadcaster. The tagline ‘Omroep GLD verbindt je’ was used as the starting point for the new identity. The logo consists of a dynamic landmark, either used to pinpoint an exact location or as a compass within the entire province.

Omroep GLD is a regional broadcaster. Broadcasting the regional news, telling the background stories and strengthening the cultural identity is its core task.


Client: Omroep Gelderland 

Agency : HollandCentraal and Idity

Concept: Rob Bosveld, Frank Engeman & Bart van der Grient

Brand Design: Frank Engeman, Bart van der Grient

Animation: Frank Engeman, Michiel Verweij

Sound Design: KH Music

Year: 2012

Commissioned by HollandCentraal